Friday, January 5, 2007

Aditya Hridayam !

Welcome to the New Year !

Vande Suryam Jagat Rakshakam.

Tirumala Hills Team Wishes All a Happy Purposeful New Year

The Sun is the giver of Life for our Earth. Here you find the Lord Venkateswara on 'Surya Prabha' - It is called Surya Prabha Vaahanam ! The Lord of the Universe visiting Tirumala Town in Lord Sun as the 'Vaahana' - Riding Vehicle !

Why Lord Venkateswara goes on Nagara Sandarsanam ? Its just simple ! Its sheer joy for the Lord to view the Infinite Devotees thronging in His divine presence ! We human beings take divinity in His presence ! And He rejoices in our midst !

Namo Venkatesa !
Tirumala Hills Team

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